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Day 10 – Les Abattoirs de Casablanca / Fabrique Culturelle

Nature and Landscape-exhibition

After our visit to the Société Générale Maroc, where we got our first (pretty unsettling)  introduction to the local contemporary art scene (or rather the absence of such a scene if I understood things correctly)  by Professor Mohamed Rachdi, the director and curator of “the only museum of contemporary art in Morocco” and “the biggest exhibition place of the country”, I didn’t really know what to think. Can it be true  – as Mr. Rachdi has suggested – that there’s no education, no debate, no reflection whatsoever on contemporary art in this country? Can it be true that generations and generations of Moroccan art historians, critics, curators and scholars were lost? And what about the public? Do they love contemporary art? What are people asking for?

Haco De Ridder and Mohamed Rachdi

Unfortunately, Tine Colstrup is back in Denmark and I’m in Belgium at the time of writing this. We didn’t manage to exchange our views on the visit to the exhibition,  as was our original intention. Nevertheless, I hope that one of these days Tine will find time to share her impressions on the qualities of the current theme exhibition “Nature and Landscape”  as she is far more qualified to do so than I am. (Tine wrote a study about landscape in art). Continue reading